The residents who graced the boards of The Backyard Bus in 2013 included:

Animator, illustrator and graphic designer from India who is passionate about the role of art as a healing and political tool.  Amaranta’s community engagement activity involved her creating and gifting portraits documenting the life story of a range of local ‘unsung’ heroes or members of the community who are rarely acknowledged.

Award winning playwright and co-creative director of the independent theatre company RealTV.  Her work is built on a platform of social justice with a strong desire to tell stories of those without a voice, primarily children and young people.  For her community engagement activity, Angela conducted a series of free short-play writing workshops in partnership with Tantrum Theatre.

Practising visual artist undertaking a Master of Fine Arts by research and studio work at Sydney University who is exploring the sexualisation and objectification of young girls within contemporary western cultures.  Linda’s community engagement activity involved an exhibition of her work (“Daddy’s Little Princess”) in partnership with The Commons Fair Trade Cafe and Arts Space.  The exhibition opening involved a panel discussion with the artist and health experts from the Hunter New England Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service and Sexual Assault Service.

Sound artist, installation artist, writer and philosopher with a PhD in music.  His work is currently focussed on combining sounds, space, bodies and ideas in various permutations and has appeared at various Australian and international festivals.  During his residency, Luke delivered his Portal Project (sonic art installations) and conducted a number of philosophical conversational experiments known as 11 Elephants with a range of members from the community.